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Just because wrinkles are a natural part of aging doesn’t mean you have to learn to get used to them. Because of advanced wrinkle treatments with PicoSure®, you can smooth out your skin with just a few sessions at Neura Image, LLC in the Mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles. Restore your youthful skin by booking a wrinkle treatment consultation right away. You can conveniently book your appointment by calling the office today.

Wrinkle Treatments Q & A

What causes wrinkles?

Wrinkles, which are unavoidable, develop for a variety of reasons. Genetics, sun damage, and weight fluctuations can all play roles in when you start developing wrinkles and how severe they become.

What happens is that as you age, you naturally start losing that plumping and cushioning layer of fat that separates your muscles from your skin. As a result, muscles start working closer to the surface, which causes more defined folds and grooves to form each time you make a facial expression.

Additionally, collagen and elastin — skin-firming components — don’t build up as quickly as you get older. This means that your skin has a harder time relaxing and flattening out and eventually, wrinkles start to stick around after years of making repeated facial expressions. 

Can I get treatment for wrinkles?

Yes! At Neura Image, LLC, the team of aesthetic practitioners evaluate your skin’s tone and texture and design a personalized PicoSure treatment package that’s tailored to your needs. PicoSure wrinkle treatments deliver rapid pulses of laser energy through a designated Focus lens using advanced PressureWave™ technology.

This forces cells to communicate with one another — known as cell signaling — so they start regenerating, turning over, and building up new tissues. As your skin heals and new tissues and collagen form, your skin becomes firmer and tighter. Soon, those wrinkles become a thing of your past. 

When will I have results with wrinkle treatments?

Even though downtime is minimal after PicoSure wrinkle treatments, it’s still common to have some slight redness or irritation that can last for a few hours. This is just a side effect of an elevated skin temperature and increased blood flow to the targeted area. 

After these minor side effects subside, you quickly begin noticing that your skin appears and feels more vibrant with each passing day. For optimal results, your dedicated aesthetic expert at Neura Image, LLC may recommend coming in for two to five PicoSure wrinkle treatments, each spaced roughly three to four weeks apart.

Once you achieve your skin goals after completing your PicoSure wrinkle treatment package, continue scheduling touch-up visits at Neura Image, LLC about every six months. This just helps you stay one step ahead of future wrinkles. 

Smooth out your skin by booking a wrinkle treatment consultation at Neura Image, LLC. Call the office to book a wrinkle treatment appointment.

Individual results may vary.