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Tattoo removal with PicoSure® is the latest and most effective way to get rid of old or fading tattoos. At Neura Image, LLC in the Mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles, you can begin a package of personalized laser tattoo removal treatments, so that unwanted tattoo can quickly become a thing of your past. Find out if PicoSure tattoo removal is right for you by booking a consultation over the phone.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

What is tattoo removal?

PicoSure tattoo removal involves using PressureWave™ laser energy to destroy ink pigments. What makes PicoSure so unique (as compared to similar platforms) is that laser energy is delivered in rapid, short bursts that are only a trillionth of a second long. 

This forces ink particles to quickly shatter, without heating up your skin too much or causing severe scarring. Over time, those broken down ink pigments get absorbed by your lymphatic system and naturally flushed away. 

With each subsequent PicoSure laser tattoo removal session you have, more and more ink continues to break down. Eventually, that old tattoo completely fades away, and your natural skin tone is restored. 

In some cases, laser tattoo removal results in hypopigmentation where the treated area is slightly lighter than surrounding skin. Usually, this side effect is temporary and resolves over time. 

How many tattoo removal treatments do I need?

The number of PicoSure tattoo removal sessions you need depends on the age of your tattoo, as well as the colors. Older tattoos, as well as tattoos with brighter, more vibrant colors,  take additional visits. 

In most cases, your tattoo removal package from Neura Image, LLC includes a series of 4-10 sessions. Because it takes time for your body to flush away ink particles, it’s best to schedule your PicoSure tattoo removal sessions about six to eight weeks apart, or as recommended. 

Is tattoo removal painful?

PicoSure is designed with patient comfort and safety in mind. Because the laser energy is delivered in such rapid pulses, discomfort is much milder than traditional laser tattoo removal systems. The discomfort you experience just depends on your pain tolerance and the area in which your tattoo is located — some spots are more sensitive than others. 

Since the compassionate team at Neura Image, LLC doesn’t want you to stress about pain during your tattoo removal session, they recommend coming in about 20-30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to apply a topical numbing cream. 

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