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If you have brown, black, or discolored spots that are making you feel uncomfortable, you may be an ideal candidate for pigmented lesion removal with PicoSure®. The leading skin care experts at Neura Image, LLC in the Mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles can tailor your pigmented lesion removal package to restore your more even skin tone without doing anything invasive. Book your pigmented lesion removal consultation by calling the office today!

Pigmented Lesion Removal Q & A

What are pigmented lesions?

Pigmented lesions are any kind of noncancerous spots that develop because of age, genetics, or sun damage (or a combination of these factors). They often appear as shades of dark brown or black and can be either flat or elevated.

Some of the most common types of pigmented lesions that affect both men and women include:

  • Liver spots
  • Age spots
  • Brown spots
  • Red spots
  • Moles 

Pigmented lesions can also include vascular lesions, which tend to appear reddish or bluish under a dermatoscopy lens. 

Am I a candidate for pigmented lesion removal?

Most pigmented lesions are nothing serious and are simply unsightly patches of melanin (skin pigments). You may be an ideal candidate for PicoSure pigmented lesion removal at Neura Image, LLC if you:

  • Are generally healthy
  • Have noncancerous growths
  • Want to even out your skin tone
  • Want to prevent the progression of pigmented lesions

The best way to know if pigmented lesion removal is right for you is to come into Neura Image, LLC for a consultation. Your dedicated practitioner can evaluate your pigmented lesions and let you know what you can expect from your customized treatment plan. 

How does pigmented lesion removal work?

Pigmented lesion removal with PicoSure involves using a specialized applicator to deliver short pulses of laser energy into your targeted area. These rapid bursts of energy squeeze cells with PressureWaveâ„¢ technology, forcing pigments to break apart, while stimulating cell signaling. 

Over time, you start noticing that your treated pigmented lesions begin to fade as the shattered components get absorbed by your lymphatic system. Meanwhile, healthy new tissues are being developed underneath, so as pigmented lesions resolve, fresh skin tissue and collagen rise to the surface. 

Most pigmented lesion treatment plans from Neura Image, LLC include a series of about two to five PicoSure sessions every three to four weeks. By the end of your PicoSure pigmented lesion removal package, you should start feeling more confident about your more even-toned skin. 

Schedule your pigmented lesion removal evaluation at Neura Image, LLC today. Call today to book a consultation!

Individual results may vary.