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Hyperpigmentation is a condition in which your skin develops darkened patches, most commonly in sun-exposed areas. But with the help of the top-rated skin care experts at Neura Image, LLC in the Mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles, you can undergo hyperpigmentation treatments with the noninvasive PicoSure® platform. Find out how PicoSure hyperpigmentation treatments can enhance your natural skin tone by calling the office to book a consultation.

Hyperpigmentation Q & A

What causes hyperpigmentation?

If you have areas of your skin that are darker than surrounding tissue, you likely have hyperpigmentation, which can include age spots and melasma. In most cases, hyperpigmentation is a side effect of too much sun exposure. This is why you may notice these darker patches on your forehead, chest, or forearms.

Sometimes though, hyperpigmentation is a result of injury or inflammation because of burns, acne, or even lupus. These type of hyperpigmented spots can develop anywhere on your body. No matter what’s causing your case of hyperpigmentation though, you can certainly get it treated to restore a more even skin tone. 

How is hyperpigmentation treated?

At Neura Image, LLC, you can undergo the most advanced hyperpigmentation treatment available. PicoSure treats hyperpigmentation by exposing your skin to rapid pulses — each a trillionth of a second — of laser energy.

Not only does this effect shatter pigmented spots and break them apart, but it also stimulates natural cell signaling through PressureWave™ technology. As your lymphatic system jumps into action and flushes out those pigmented fragments, new tissues and collagen start forming from the deepest layers.

Over time, hyperpigmented spots fade away as healthier, more vibrant tissues start to surface. The entire PicoSure hyperpigmentation treatment process is quick, effective, and virtually painless. 

Do I need more than one hyperpigmentation treatment?

In many cases, yes. Depending on the severity of your hyperpigmentation condition, the team at Neura Image, LLC usually recommend scheduling about two to five PicoSure hyperpigmentation sessions. Each visit needs to be about three to four weeks apart to give your skin ample time to heal between PicoSure treatments.

Even though targeted hyperpigmentation spots are permanently destroyed, in some cases, new darkened spots start to develop over time. To prevent future hyperpigmentation issues, Neura Image, LLC practitioners often encourage you to come in about every six months for preventive PicoSure sessions. This way, you can continue enjoying your more vibrant, even-toned skin for years to come.

Restore your healthier skin by booking a hyperpigmentation treatment at Neura Image, LLC. Call today to book your hyperpigmentation appointment! 

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